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A bit of propaganda to star with

Well it looks like I will be the first poster to this community. Thusly, I'll start with an older post of mine. It's still relevant and will be an easy start.

"live from baghdad."

Here is a website that the U.S. uses to post certain things. One such thing is enemy propaganda in the war on terror. Most of this (if not all) is from the middle east theatre.

Scroll down towards the bottom the first such example is the Ansar Al-Sunnah Army video footage. That stuff is floating around the country on VCD's (which are sort of Ghetto / third world DVD's. Or as we call them here... "Haji-Vision"). Some of the images are disturbing. On that website, further down the page from the Sunnah footage is a UK based muslim music video (for lack of a better term) entitled "Dirty Kuffar". Although It's blatant propaganda (trust me, I would know), I have to admit that it's damn catchy.

All the examples given on that page are just the tip of the iceberg and the most blatant and ham-handed of the lot. There is a lot of propaganda flowing into this country. Some of it is fairly simple, and some of it is very very slick and well executed. As much as people would like to think otherwise, the U.S. government is not at all advanced when it comes to propaganda and PsyOp. The private sector is a different matter on the other hand, however, they;re not running the counter propaganda effort here. I have seen a lot of clever propaganda in this country that is being disseminated by an interesting number of entities, some of it is far beyond anything that we produce. It's somewhat intimidating. Regardless, I have to give my opponents credit where credit is due.

They are formidable indeed.
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